not going with him?

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OH MY GOD. #fangirling #blackwidow #x23 #imgonnacry @marjorie_liu

OH MY GOD. #fangirling #blackwidow #x23 #imgonnacry @marjorie_liu

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the black widow is a legend. some folks think you kill a legend you’ll become one too. but that’s not how it works. legends aren’t made so cheap. and legends always die hard.

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but first, let me take a survey.

Name: carlee

BIrthday: september 16 1985

Favorite Color: purple

Lucky Number: 8

Height: 5’6

Talents: writing, dancing, memorization. idk i’m not in the best state of mind to recognize these.

Last Dream You Remember: iiiii honestly can’t remember most of my dreams. the last one i can sort of remember remembering was probably a nightmare.

Can You Juggle: no.

Art/Sports/Both: arts.

Do You Like Writing: yes.

Do You Like Dancing: yes.

Do You Like Singing: yes.

Dream vacation: seattle :(

Dream guy/gal: sebastian stan 

Dream wedding: on top of a mountain

Dream pet: cats or dogs

Dream job: certainly not the one i currently have.

What I Am Doing: haha exactly

Favorite Song: going with current favorite because i have a lot of them: chandelier by sia.

Last Song You Heard On The Radio: maps by maroon 5

Least Favorite Song: that new enrique iglesias one

Least Favorite Album: why doesn’t this ask you your favorite album? and i don’t know, i can’t think of one i dislike that i know the name of.

Guys/Girls/Both: mostly guys.

Hair Color: brown

Eye Color: brown

Humorous/Serious: depends.

Taller/Shorter: are you asking my preference? taller.

Biggest Turn Off: disrespect.

Biggest Turn On: a nice voice.

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" The truth is a matter of circumstances. It’s not all things to all people all the time. 
And neither am I.

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